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Kirjoitukset julkaistaan nimellä ja vain poikkeustapauksissa nimimerkillä. Julkaistavien tekstien valinta ja käsittely jäävät aina toimituksen harkintaan.

Kuit­taan ai­na ta­kai­sin, et­tä ”tun­ti len­to­ko­neel­la, ei paha”, ou­lu­lais­räp­pä­ri sa­noo.

X Fac­to­ris­sa mit­taa toi­sis­taan ot­ta­vat 16 vuot­ta täyt­tä­neet lau­la­jat ja lau­lu­ryh­mät. Kil­pai­lun pää­pal­kin­to­na on le­vy­tys­so­pi­mus Sony Mu­si­cin kans­sa.

Het­ta sa­noo, et­tä Ou­lun pe­rus­suo­ma­lais­ten pu­heen­joh­ta­ja Se­bas­ti­an Tynk­ky­nen oli hä­neen asi­an tie­tä­mil­tä yh­tey­des­sä.

– Olen asu­nut Ou­lus­sa nyt kym­me­ni­sen vuot­ta ja tun­nen ole­va­ni täy­sin ou­lu­lai­nen. Tuot­ta­ja­ni mo­nes­ti vih­jai­lee, et­tä oli­si­pa hyvä jos asui­sin Hel­sin­gis­sä.

Pe­rus­suo­ma­lai­sia edus­ta­va Ou­lun va­ra­kau­pun­gin­val­tuu­tet­tu Pek­ka Het­ta myön­tää, et­tä hän on yk­si mai­nos­ta le­vit­tä­neis­tä.

Tuulipuiston rakentaminen viivästyy Murto­tun­tu­rissa – 22 voimalan tuulipuistoa suunnitteleva yritys odottaa vali­tusp­ro­sessin päättymistä

Tämä pyö­rä on omil­laan kai­kil­la ajo­a­lus­toil­la, oli kyse pääl­lys­te­tys­tä ties­tä tai so­ras­ta tai jos­tain sil­tä vä­lil­tä, sum­maa Mar­jo­mä­ki.

– Mal­li va­li­koi­tui sen lois­ta­van cus­tom-po­10­ti­aa­lin vuok­si. Työ it­ses­sään on saa­nut pal­jon vai­kut­tei­ta omis­ta ko­ke­muk­sis­tam­me ja ai­kai­sem­mis­ta töis­täm­me, sa­noo Har­ley-Da­vid­son Ou­lun Bat­t­le of Kings -ki­sa­tii­min edus­ta­ja Mar­ko Mar­jo­mä­ki.

Het­ta ja­koi ku­vaa Fa­ce­book-si­vul­laan. Hän ker­too löy­tä­neen­sä ku­van “jos­ta­kin Fa­ces­ta”.

Kau­pun­gin­val­tuus­ton pj ym. Juha Hän­ni­nen kir­joit­ti Ou­lu-leh­des­sä vuo­den alus­ta voi­maan as­tu­nee­observed la­kiin työt­tö­mien ak­tii­vi­mal­lis­ta sitä puo­lus­ta­en.

Oulu was founded on April 8, 1605, by King Charles IX of Sweden, reverse the fort developed around the island of Linnansaari. This happened following favourable peace settlements with Russia, which removed the threat have a peek at these guys of assault via the main east-west waterway, the river Oulu.

Park at some point wanders into a secluded location of the Vocational Block, in which a variant with the title of Dennis, inflicted with dissociative id condition, captures and presents him for this contact form a sacrifice to some prisoner named Eddie Gluskin, whom he calls "The Groom". Although in the beginning eluding Gluskin, Park falls into an elevator shaft and gets a bit of particles lodged in his appropriate shin, decreasing Bonuseshave a peek at these guys him into a limp. Park is finally captured, the place he discovers how Gluskin regularly tortures and mutilates male prisoners' genitals, treating them like his brides, before brutally killing them.

– En­pä muis­ta. Ai­na­han nii­tä saat­taa jos­kus, kun käy mui­den puo­lu­ei­den si­vuil­la, niin saat­taa jo­tain this content ja­kaa, mut­ta har­vem­min.

The Fact About Oulu That No One Is Suggesting


Mostly a food stuff sector, offering fresh new and conserved foods varying from reindeer meat to Asian specialities. The market along with the surrounding 'aitat' (or barns) also supply many different souvenir-sort products.  edit

Ju­lia Rau­tio ka­ris­ti Ou­lun pö­lyt kan­noil­taan heti le­vy­tys­so­pi­muk­sen al­le­kir­joi­tet­tu­aan.

Idols toi uu­sia ys­tä­viä, ko­ke­muk­sia, elä­myk­siä ja en­nen kaik­kea vah­vis­tus­ta sil­le, et­tä mu­siik­ki on sitä, mitä ha­lu­an elä­mäl­lä­ni teh­dä.

The most recent type of sleeper prepare carriages Possess a shower as well as a toilet in Each and every two-man or woman cabin. You might want to request the somewhat considerable discounted that's obtainable for e.g. learners. By bus[edit]

Rau­ti­ol­la on vi­reil­lä yh­teis­työ­ku­vi­oi­ta myös tois­ten ar­tis­tien kans­sa.

References in periodicals archive ? Contract observe: City of oulu, oulu Business office source Middle with the state enterprise printing electronic printing generation procedure.

Through the lunch time, normally from 11am to 15pm, most dining places serves food items for acceptable charges. Lunch dining establishments and lists in Oulu are available at lounaat.details.

Hintapyyntö jopa tuhansia euroja kilolta ja haisee kuin Pärnäsen korjaamo - "Tryffeleitä löytyy Suomesta toden­nä­köi­sesti tonneittain"

[citation required] The encompassing regions ended up populated much before. Oulu is positioned via the Gulf of Bothnia, with the mouth of river Oulujoki, which is an historic investing web-site. Oulu was the capital on the Province of Oulu from 1776 to 2009.

– Muut­to Hel­sin­kiin on ol­lut suun­ni­tel­mis­sa jo pit­kään, mut­ta Idols ja le­vy­tys­so­pi­mus oli­vat ne vii­mei­set si­lauk­established, jot­ka tar­vit­tiin pää­tök­sen­te­koon.

Oulu is renowned for its great bicycle routes, which get you within the city effortlessly and safely even with the cold winter. To rent a bicycle check out Pyörä-Suvala, Lekatie 27. When you are keeping at Nallikari Tenting, Leiritie ten, they even have bikes to hire for guests costing €12/working day.

This is a usable post. It has data for finding in as well as some entire entries for restaurants navigate to this website and accommodations. An adventurous particular person could use this text, but please plunge ahead and assistance it improve!

– Sa­noi­vat, et­tä ha­lu­ai­si­vat mi­nut ar­tis­tik­observed. Sa­moi­hin ai­koi­hin Idols-bii­si­ni Maa­il­person­lop­pu jul­kais­tiin Spo­ti­fys­sä.

– 13-vuo­ti­aa­na sain en­sim­mäi­sen ki­ta­ra­ni ja koin jon­kin­lai­sen va­lais­tu­mi­sen lau­la­mi­sen suh­teen. Ta­ju­sin, et­tä tämä on se jut­tu, jota ha­lu­an teh­dä yli kai­ken.

The Oulu Diaries


Ravintola Toripolliisi features gastropub-design and style fare in wonderful surroundings both equally inside and out of doors, just while in the corner in the Market.

[citation wanted] The surrounding parts had been populated much before. Oulu is located by the Gulf of Bothnia, with the mouth of river Oulujoki, that is an ancient buying and selling website. Oulu was the money with the Province of Oulu from 1776 to 2009.

Each routes leave from your stone ball at Rotuaari (at the center of Oulu) and the journey lasts about one particular hour. You could hop off As well as in on just how.

Kuusamo is also a location to go to when you continue on your journey for the north in the direction of the Finnish Lapland.

Perspective above the river Oulu towards Tuira from Hupisaaret park. The drinking water electrical power plant can be viewed on the best facet. Tuira is one of the most significant districts of Oulu with Virtually seven,000 inhabitants.

BusinessOulu kehittää määrätietoisesti matkailua ja auttaa kokouksien, kongressien ja tapahtumien onnistumisessa.

Mostly a food stuff market place, presenting contemporary and conserved foods various from reindeer meat to Asian specialities. The market along with the surrounding 'aitat' (or barns) also present a variety of souvenir-style goods.  edit

Oulu Corridor (a substantial indoor sporting activities facility consisting of a lower dome, which looks relatively similar to a landed flying saucer)

In the summer, either lease a motorbike or walk on the beach in Tuira about the north aspect with the river Oulujoki, a popular location with locals, passing by way of Ainola park on how. From there head eastwards, crossing again into the south aspect from the river and onwards to Värttö.

Oulu Airport [24] will be the busiest while in the region right after Helsinki, and also the Helsinki-Oulu sector could be the state's most widely used domestic flight with Repeated products and services (Pretty much twenty flights every day Every single way) on Finnair and Norwegian. A completely flexible return overall economy ticket might cost greater than €200 but a non-changeable one-way ticket can go as little as €twenty or possibly a return ticket for less than €50 when acquired months upfront.

The terminal has not long ago been expanded and now has jet bridges to obtain you during the planes without the need to walk inside the freezing chilly tarmac. The airport has an automated map dispenser that gives free maps, but at times it won't do the job.

Oulu was Started on April 8, 1605, by King Charles IX of Sweden, opposite the fort constructed within the island of Linnansaari. This befell immediately after favourable peace settlements with Russia, which eradicated the threat of attack by way of the most crucial east-west waterway, the river Oulu.

Together with the pools facilities contain individual gyms for body weight education, gymnastics, judo and boxing. Cafe upstairs which has a see to your pools. €four.50 for that pools or perhaps the gym.  edit

An interesting small cafe is Pannukakkutalo Renesans close to the industry sq., serving dutch design pannekoeken, or for your unfamiliar, crêpes. More than have a peek here a hundred of both sweet or savory toppings to select from.

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